What's different about Gold Coast Surf Repairs?

A few things seperate us from other shops:

Reliability - We service all surf craft during opening hours regardless of how amazing the surf might be!

Surf repair shops are traditionally known for ditching the tools to go surf, leaving reliability behind. Our priority is getting you back in the water as quickly as possible!

Quality - Only the very best equipment and tools are used while providing industry standard skills which results in the best repair for your board!

Should I fix my snapped board?

The answer will depend on you personally, in some cases customers will have their board put back together due to sentimental value. Others however, have had their snapped boards fixed as the cost of the repair is marginal in comparison to a new board.

Snap repairs of any board will add some weight and stiffness to the original flex. Most longboards has minimal flex and are also heavy to begin with; which means the extra weight and stiffness wouldn't play a major factor in having them fixed. Shortboards rely on flex and being light weight so fixing a snap in this instance may not be a great idea.

Will my board be brand new?

At Gold Coast Surf Repairs, we can structurally repair your surf craft to be as strong as it was previously however, cosmetically it will not look new again.

To attempt making the repair area look new again we must custom mix the colour of the damaged area and complete a colour match spray to hide the repair. Done effectively, involves skill and experience to make the board look like it has never been fixed before. It is difficult and every board is different but we try our best!

Do you offer restorations?

Yes! by appointment only, restorations turnaround times vary depending on the shops schedule; in some extreme cases may take months to complete as we operate on a fast turnover and these bigger jobs interfere with normal operations. 

Once the quote has been discussed and approved, a 50% deposit is made to secure the booking.

How long does it take to fix my board?

Currently our turnaround is 5-7 business days.

Allow for an additional 2-3 days if a cosmetic repair has been requested.

This timeframe allows for the board to dry if there's any water or moisture inside.

We do offer a ASAP turnaround for an extra 50% of the total for 2-3 days and 100% of the total for 1-2 days.

General Information

There are endless questions to be answered regarding various surf-craft and their care, if you have any questions please come into our shop:

1/24 Central Park Ave, Ashmore 4214

or call

0478 489 156

We look forward to helping you :)