Jimmy Findlater  

Always having a passion for the surf industry and lifestyle, and with 4 years experience in professional board repairs, Jimmy plans to pave the way for future innovation. Surfing all his life, he understands the importance of getting your board back into the water as quickly as possible!

Ever since Jimmy's first time having his board repaired as a grom he realised the opportunity for customers to feel comfortable and confident that their board will be fixed at the agreed price, with the highest quality and on time. Jimmy recounts how when he and his dad dropped off a board to get fixed, the shop was unattended, messy and pricing was unclear. As mechanics and other skilled workers have transitioned their profession into focusing on customer experience, Jimmy and his team are following in this direction

The future is sustainable, our shop continues to find ways of lowering waste while exploring better methods of repairing. The shop implements simple strategies of lowering waste such as using PU foam offcuts to aid in fin re-installations or using non-toxic or low-toxic alternatives when selecting adhesives, mixing cups, laminating resins and paints.

Gold Coast Surf Repairs aims to set the mark for current and future innovation repairing surf craft.